Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I hope I have inspired at least one person to start,
Starting a co. is a mix of tech & art!
Friends come & go - many mistakes are made
The charm begins to fade,
The work must be done using a spade!
The opportunity must be sharper than a razor blade!

The Cycle of life goes on & on,
Never wait till the opportunity is gone!
To those who miss the bus never create a fuss
There are many more streets paved with Gold,
Keep & spread the hope with a smile,
One success will inspire many more to be bold,
The story will be spoken for many a mile,
The biggest risk today is doing nothing,
The fact is nothing ventured nothing gained,
Service,software, material science, healthcare, law & many more are already disrupted,
The new era has on our faces erupted!  

Create a disruption,
In spite of protection,
Ignite the revolution,
Be a part of the evolution!

Leave the world a better place
One will be known even from space!

Be positive in terms of followers

Finally I am positive - it means more people are reading the stuff I am sharing on twitter & linkedin

For the new ideas as of today I am working on VR,AR & MR.

A great firm in the area is  - hope many people are able to benefit from the wonders of this new way of interacting with each other.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pitching,Augmented Reality & hacktivists

Get these 3 steps in place - create a niche - do the job & be helpful globally - I am acting in the areas of Adhesives & surgery.For the rest of the world I am sharing ideas. Hope the links benefit.

Refine your pitch for the world - get users & influencers onboard (
Define a metaVision ( )
Find dedicated hacktivists who get good done

Supercomputing - a simple introduction and a few applications

A supercomputer is a computer that is considered, or was considered at the time of its introduction, to be at the frontline in terms of processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation. The term "Super Computing" was first used by New York World newspaper in 1929[1] to refer to large custom-built tabulators IBM made for Columbia University.
(source wikipedia)

ENIAC was not the first computer - the Anastoff Berry Computer was the first - ENIAC was patented first at that time.The first computer in India was TIFRAC - was comissioned in TIFR in 1962.There are many applications of supercomputers today in different areas and some applications are:
  1. Wind tunnel modeling to test planes
  2. Climate modeling for a short time period and for longer time periods.Short time periods are in "days" (a maximum of a 5 days even today) and longer time periods range from weeks to a month.Even this is sometimes erratic.

Other Common uses

Supercomputers are used for highly calculation-intensive tasks such as problems involving quantum mechanical physics, weather forecasting, climate research (including research into global warming), molecular modeling (computing the structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers, and crystals), physical simulations (such as simulation of airplanes in wind tunnels, simulation of the detonation of nuclear weapons, and research into nuclear fusion), cryptanalysis, and the like. Major universities, military agencies and scientific research laboratories are heavy users.
A particular class of problems, known as Grand Challenge problems, are problems whose full solution requires semi-infinite computing resources.
Relevant here is the distinction between capability computing and capacity computing, as defined by Graham et al.

Capability computing is typically thought of as using the maximum computing power to solve a large problem in the shortest amount of time. Often a capability system is able to solve a problem of a size or complexity that no other computer can.

Capacity computing in contrast is typically thought of as using efficient cost-effective computing power to solve somewhat large problems or many small problems or to prepare for a run on a capability system.
The performance of a supercomputer depends on the speed of a computer plus the speed of other parts.For transaction processing the performance is talked about in MOPS (Millions of operations per second) and there are floating point operations - today TFLOPS.Measuring the performance of a supercomputer is done by:
  1. Using benchmarks for scientific calculations ie. SPEC, Whetstone,Dhrystone benchmarks
  2. For transaction processing TPC Benchmarks are used.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Why people should blog Now more than ever

  1. Share information about important tech,social and scientific discoveries - these really benefit many people and gives people hope.
  2. Lets other people connect with important people you and this is the foundation to advance knowledge.
  3. Makes business easier and more happening.
  4. Enables you to create new products and/or services - even more importantly find out what works and what does not through a series of low cost innovative experiments.
  5. Helps people learn new stuff,meet new people and discover what one might have been missing all along!
  6. Sometimes it helps to let people know "I" exist rather than being overlooked.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Vertigo & Write to spread a message

Vertigo - understand what it is - get treatment & spread info globally for all to benefit - always remember everyone else was patient  & all (patients,friends,strangers & families) deserve better - it is a condition that gives a false sense of motion,dizziness,lightheadedness & imbalance. There is some treatment available check out

Measure the impact of what is being spread - is anything worth reading & understanding today given the multiple sources of info that exist today - yes such stuff does exist - find it,present it & spread the impact as someone is going to benefit at some point of time - that itself is worth the effort made to write down something of value - every thing impacts globally - some stuff truly spreads very fast- the best example is email - impact :

  1.  many trees saved from being chopped globally to write letters
  2. a message reaching the recipient possibly the fastest
  3. least consumption of energy
  4. farthest possible reach - even in space
Write with impact - period.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Some trade fundamentals

This is an attempt to see who will & see how people will benefit individually and as a mass locally, regionally & globally - to do this people must become friendly & trust one another completely. The points are :

  1. Trade & share opportunities - by all means see the completion of the deals. Take no interest at all as interest makes one selfish to the core over a period of time. A clear benefit is that more money will be spread & risk will be minimal. More employment & trade are the greater benefit to the people.
  2. Back the exchange instrument (cash and/or check by a fair amount of gold or silver) . There must be a real value attached to the individual word. Make sure there is a proper written agreement.
  3. Hoarding wealth is foolish as nobody when it will be required in an emergency situation today, many times the situation becomes such that money is no longer important. Dictating prices of products & services without a control is very dangerous - people come up with alternatives & the entire inventory gets written off - an example is a drug for a particular condition which used to be sold for US $ 12-15,a co. took over the manufacturer & made the price US $ unaffordable & then a group comes up out of nowhere & shows the drug can be made for as little as US $ 2.
  4. Debts must be paid and/or willed to be paid - there is no way out of a debt. 

Saturday, December 03, 2016

A few amazing startups that caught my eye

Find the best freelancers globally & yes this is very affordable and catch warning signs early with help of these wearables and now a bonus

Till next time 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Are you interesting?

Are we being interesting enough!

The answer is a blatant NO

Stuff that all people must do to become interesting globally.

  1. Make good friends - the type who encourage,motivate & challenge
  2. Learn all the time - keeping track of trends & innovations
  3. Motivate even enemies (and/or former disinterested friends) to do stellar work to improve in their own interest.
  4. Spread the gift of knowledge  globally - most importantly even locally
  5. Prove that a lot more is possible with sincerity & put in the required effort
The links for today 
2 of my biggest secrets are out - oops I did it again!

Always a lot to learn

The only thing I do not know is my own ignorance,
Decisions are made on the spur of the moment,
So is the agreement,

Many people really help,
Trade fairs open up a world of possibility,
The one lesson we all learn is humility,
Learn and read about amazing tech stuff,
Sometimes it just happens that reading is just not enough,

Money must be made,
Respect is to be earned,
Innovations also distract,
Windows of opportunity most of the times contract,
All of us will have to accept - this FACT,
Deal with failure with tact,
Show up with enthusiasm,
Take the leap of faith to cross the chasm,

What really matters is the ability to motivate,
Most people & companies will then salivate,
Results also then will not wait,
Supporters too cheer till we reach the front gate,

Success becomes overwhelming,
The moment is really humbling,
One forgets the trembling & bumbling,
The team is already doing everything

After real success always comes the remembrance!