Saturday, February 06, 2016

Everyone makes a difference

This is our world & we are its locals,
We make a choice everyday yet we forget our vocals,
How bad are most of our choices,
Most of us do not reflect to even see,
Just how many times we just let things "just be"

Now is a time to move ahead,
All must make a lot of bread,
Many will other wise starve
The future will be one to dread!

Everyday many make a difference - so there is still hope,
Once we join hands & find common ground - all of us will cope!
The way forward is risky - there is a very long slope,
The way forward is to hold hands be together & hold a strong rope!

Let us stop the conflict & clear up all the misunderstandings,
Make the way for smooth landings,
We make choices everyday,
Our choices will show the way,
Let our end be a pleasant Homecoming!

A few among us live in space,
How will the masses even go to that place,
Let us become better people,
Only then can we save our face!

Friday, January 01, 2016

Who,what motivates individuals is always a question mark. The basic fact that motivates people is TRUST & the ability to trust. Technology gives people wings & only reinforces the trust people will have in each other-the facts is motivation is to do something for me,myself & fame and/or to do for benefiting the whole world without my left hand knowing what the right hand is doing to benefit people. Technology & availability of the tech & using the tech all boils down to what is available - a teeen with a simple blog and/or webpage & a social media presence is as powerful as a big firm today as many people will end up using the ideas - the reach of the teen will be magnified & so will the impact of what is getting done. Feedback keeps coming all the time (negative,critical,indifferent,constructive,motivating) - what is important is getting started by sharing ideas that create value & enable people to ask the right questions - as once the questions get asked it becomes shared,spread & forces the individual,place & community to improve - other places then learn from that example.

The one thing missing from lives of many people is hope of making the difference to one's own life & other people's lives - one person benefited is equivalent to all people being benefited - all this talk about net neutrality is nonsense - the questions that must be asked are:
  1. How fast are we those who oppose are making a difference - faster than those who support or not?
  2. What is something so very wrong with walled access - something is better than nothing always - the fact is the internet may not be able to feed people - what it does is truly enable people to communicate with each other & that one (1) to many communication enables people to get jobs,get business,help out the masses who are lesser privileged & spread public benefiting messages as in case of say emergencies - further even limit access forces people to truly commit to doing more - everything else is just talk in my opinion!
  3. Technology does provide options - the option of not using tech is always there!
  4. Efficiency improvements reach faster to people - this impacts lives of ordinary people globally,locally & leads to action on the ground - earlier just how many people heard about say Alliance for energy efficiency, Alliance for Water efficiency, so many useful nonprofits really cleaning up existing places & making the places more livable - a direct result is - Reinforce competency in people & groups instead of direct confrontational competition - and one even learns from competition (even if all the others opposing gang up together).
  5. There is always a choice to see the positive,cut down costs & increase opportunities - push the bar higher - that said be flexible & accept mistakes made - most importantly rectify the mistakes!
Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wishing all a great 2016 going ahead & a great holiday season. Every once in a while all people reflect on what is happening is right or wrong - many times people must correct the course being taken to become better people one will always be able to and laze around - that said I read about a new concept being tried out in New Zealand called TimeBank - the only currency is time.Now think of time being spent productively to make the difference locally,globally & for that matter even in space (yes people are there in space stations).

The fact is one must be able to provide for family,friends & contribute back to the society - the recent floods in Chennai,Cuddalore & a other extreme events remind all of us that we are not alone.More investment is a must in basic necessities like food,water,sanitation,energy,efficiency of use & yet the most basic stuff is forgotten - most are abusive to elders,many are unemployed (underemployed what ever) and there is absolutely no hope as investment is just not happening for a variety of reasons.

Yet there is hope as a New deal in Paris has taken shape & the n we hear Nairobi talks are a disaster for developing countries & sustainable development goals - even armed conflict among countries & local populations is just not reducing for a variety of reasons - all this is just not helping the world economy. Then comes the big announcement about Open AI and then the super achievement by SpaceX now. There are many open projects & the bar is advancing with every moment

There is always talk about robots, drones a great project is - I have just returned a few days ago from UAE after attending - I am looking for projects and/or work was able to connect with truly amazing firms like SABIC, Borouge Henkel and other construction majors in Middle east. 

That is all for now - hope this blog gets noticed & the info used!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

People really want to do good positive work that benefits everybody - it is a legitimate desire to earn & do even more good - today there are plenty of good opportunities to invest - that said people just do not want to take any risk at all - to such people the only advise to give them is "taking no risk is the worst as one never really gets out of the muck - the situation always remains the same & more often than not deteriororates even further - becomes worse & everytime time the most valuable commodity is lost,resources - physical goods, good thoughts & ideas are lost, opportunities to provide services,software & streamline deliveries of critical results - everything in a nutshell is lost. What is worse is even lives and useful results get wasted - what is the use of acting after an event - the only way forward is to then act so that the mistakes are not repeated ever again. Today lots of water,energy,time & resources can be saved &/or used better for spectacular results.

There are opportunities in many countries

Solar water pumps exist today,hybrid solutions for energy (solar+wind+small hydro) for agriculture, vertical farming is also doing the rounds,many innovative people are growing vegetables in rooftop gardens in cities, ICAR,FAO,IRRI, are 3 wonderful organizations doing amazing work in agriculture - that said some of the work must done with help of private companies.

A link for Commercialization of agricultural tech from India.

Many opportunities exist today. All of us must go get these opportunities and take risks - doing nothing just wastes time!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Water - Businesses,people,waste & energy a few thoughts

I want to first submit that I keep reading many things on the internet,magazines (both trade & general magazines) & many people share info with me some of which I use & most of it is shared in some way or the other on Social Media and or the internet or this blog - the idea is to help one & all take local action at the least cost for a beneficial impact.

A few links are shared which lead to other firms or bodies that enable you to learn further & act when necessary.

I want to share some more ideas about "Water" - "Businesses", utilities, nonprofits,governments & people in general. The idea is to really make all of us CARE a lot more about water - its source,preventing contamination of the source, purification of dirty water & its recycling,reuse and recovery of nutrients from that water - lastly I am trying to out line why it is more important than ever NOW.

It is critical to take the "LEAD" NOW!. Anyone will be able to lead when one:


Sales and getting ahead of the competition comes by Sharing of ideas with a few influential people in firms, governments and nonprofits.

Coming to water now - many businesses,utilities,nonprofitd & people care a lot more about water - a few reasons are shared here.

Everybodys, every things & every living creatures existence depends on water directly or indirectly. Even more importantly Businesses,governments stability & their ability to manage land,biodiversity,water,utilities and their survival depends on water - a general rule is one feels very dirty if water is not provided at affordable costs.

There was & to an extent is little concern about water & the masses that said it is changing for the better among most people - the imminent threat is there is water level rise in many countries,a threat of flood is there and as of now today almost 700 Million + people in over 20 countries threatened by water & even more importantly influential people not doing much for them exist - many stinking rich people & companies are becoming richer by evading taxes & stashing the gains in tax havens.

For water the 2 biggest reasons & yet other important reasons why it is not available are:
  1. Evaporation
  2. Leakages
  3. A lack of power for pumping water & a lack of water itself
  4. Contamination
  5. Distribution capabilities 
The first impact of such a situation is felt by businesses - large & small and the next impact is on government collection of taxes (direct and/or indirect). People want to become better citizens and are unable to for a lack of water & energy as their energies are sapped up worrying for families & their own survival,relevance and most start doubting their efforts,the results - that said the recompense for doing good work is nothing but glad tidings - just be patient & be rewarded for patience.

The way out of the mess is ordinary folks must work more with each other in good spirit and evaluate all ideas. This strengthens local business & government both & leads to lesser crime - benefits are better long term results that benefit one & all.To sum up benefits are:
  1. Local residents,workers,nonprofits and most importantly are empowered - eg  people know when water will be available next
  2. Know how much ground water is available in that area. Prepare for capture of rain water & use even waste water!
  3. Evaporation,soil erosion & leaks are minimized by say using Solar power on top of Canals,soil erosion by suitable polymer films,evaporation by say use of shade balls!
  4. Accurately measure & distribute water for all. Stick on water meters are or will be available.
  5.  Consumption & conservation efforts by different sectors must be highlighted for others to use - eg there is new tech that uses sound to suppress fires in certain cases!
 When people have more cash on hand & are literally not forced to pay very high rates for basic water - a certain section of people call them the silent minority who make the difference by paying taxes on time,ensure cordial relations with neighbors & government officials only then they stay other wise many such people move elsewhere for a better life. No city or village wants to lose such a backbone.

That is why there is a very strong case for Big businesses to give back more,governments also have to facilitate a lot more & not harass citizens - there is a genuine need to take care of water stress,energy shortage & use water a lot better.

Just remember almost everything depends on water directly or indirectly and all gadgets + people working together gives meaningful results a lot faster - a great eg of such an effort is

Hope this guides at least a few big businesses & influential people to do more for water stress alleviation and limiting water level rise & sustainable everything - COP 21 talks is an awesome opportunity - let us all act together!NOW!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Become awesome ....

Become awesome at work,earn,learn & spread joy - get more followers - Some very useful tips on food & water with some relevant links!

  1. Drink enough water - you have heard & read enough about the importance of drinking water - now know when thirst will start to drain you & act to replenish the water in your body please see 
  2. Green tea during snack hours - for a few people green tea or coffee works like magic - include including such breaks rejuvenates people - for many the point is doing something which gives global benefits & yet the start is small - the drink can be coffee & the snack can be eating biscuits made with Coffee Flour read more at
  3. Almonds,honey,pomegranates &  oranges are amazing these really benefit & give most antioxidants our body needs.
  4. Breakfast is increases metabolism - jumpstart the day with antioxidants in breakfast - antioxidants help with weight loss, to improve quality of sleep, give some allergy relief, increase energy, and lots more & here is the simple definition of an "antioxidant" - it is a compound that fights oxidation and helps block cellular damage from free radicals.
  5. Get sunshine - the morning sun is most beneficial - that said over exposure to sun may cause melanoma - be aware & keep checking for signs of Melanoma - a great website to know about skin cancer is - just take a snap with a smartphone & send it to doctors you trust!
  6. Give up or atleast reduce sodas and/or junk food.
  7. Benefit from Tender Coconut Water - some benefits are: (i) really reduces malnutrition (ii) acts to hydrate the body, (iii) Is an excellent Diuretic (iv) Keeps the body cool (v) Enables the body to absorb medicine faster & many more benefits.
  8. The average body requires 30 - 45 mins for digesting any food that is consumed - give the body time after a meal & avoid strenuous activity immediately to prevent discomfort.
  9. Switch to brown rice - for some people brown rice works - helps in the control of diabetes & cholesterol.
  10. Add your own interesting tips !

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Water,loans and simplfy lives by doing more

Doing more cleanly literally transforms life by making it easier to do work and measure results-simple same language subtitling in TV and/or any display increases literacy globally and enables faster learning of multiple languages-the same message translated into different languages enables entering new markets for the same products.Access to clean water transforms lives- people spend 40 billion hours every year walking for water. Women and children usually bear the burden of water collection, walking miles to the nearest source, which is unprotected and likely contaminated.
Time spent walking and resulting diseases keep them from school, work and taking care of their families. With safe water nearby, women are free to pursue new opportunities and improve their families’ lives. Clean water transforms lives, communities and generations — and at a surprisingly low cost.New services like Kiva (see and microfinance will be able to empower people to participate in projects that provide clear drinking water like to common people. Water is an answer to many a prayer globally and so is exposure to opportunities to provide water,energy affordably and in general spreading good work to many people who do not have-the other most important thing that happens in the process that some cynics convert and this provides even more opportunities to people.More later.